Slow plasmon-polaritons in a bilayer metallic structure revealed by the lower-energy resonances of surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Apart from the main plasmon-polariton resonance of the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) occurring at 480 – 530 nm, an additional resonance was observed for substrates with two silver layers separated by a dielectric layer which support extra plasmon modes with decreased group velocities. The novel SERS resonance is shifted towards lower energies and has comparable amplitude, its exact energy position being determined by the thickness of the dielectric interlayer. The experimental findings provide a ground for the engineering of […]


 There were successfully carried out tests of making raman spectra from a distance, which allows using devices in more applications (for example, in transport safety when it is dangereouse to take spectra leaning the device to the surface of the object).

in the picture there is the spectrum of benzene made from a distance of 20 meters



EnSpectr SERS Substrates for Virus Identification

A proprietary know-how using unique SERS substrates functionalized with thiol-modified aptamers has been developed for identification of small amounts of virus particles with molecular weight cutoffs of 105 virus particles per 1 ml liquid, which yielded a high selectivity of virus identification. The optical response from the SERS substrates optimized for Mississippi influenza virus exceeded manifold that from similar substrates with Astrakhan virus.


Аnnouncement of new unique SERS substrates

We are first who developed unique SERS substrates that could be used with a 1064nm laser. The enhancement in at least 100 000 times is achieved due to the combination of dielectric resonance in dielectric columns and plasmon resonance.
More information of the commercial version of 1064 SERS substrates will appear in a few months.

Position 3 (measurement)

New device for SERS Analysis

We developed new unique technological unit composed of a portable analytical complex based on resonant 532 nm laser excitation and activated SERS substrates. It is perfect for our coupled SERS substrates for quantitative /qualitative analysis
or colloid nanoparticles for rapid SERS measurements of various low and ultra low concentration analytes.

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XXXI International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology and 28th Congress of the European Society of Pathology
from 25 September to 29 September 2016, in the KölnMesse in Cologne, Germany.
On 29th of September you could hear our presentation of Posters.
Our posters:
1) Raman-fluorescence spectroscopy: applications in diagnostics of prostate cancer
2) Application of Raman-fluorescence spectroscopy for diagnosis of kidney cancer

SCIX Conference 2016
SCIX 2016: September 18-23, 2016 Hyatt Regency Hotel Minneapolis, MN
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