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Spectrometers EnSpectr allow to solve a wide range of gemological tasks, as in some cases an indispensable diagnostic tool. Our Spectrometers help to significantly reduce the time and maximize the accuracy of identification of stones, wherein the stones may be in any frame complexity in jewelry. Raman spectrometers are being used in all world laboratories for diagnosing refining HPHT type IIa diamond, and with the help of our spectrometers can be also diagnosted the CVD diamond.

Raman Microscope EnSpectr M532 enables internal analysis of solid and liquid impurities up to a few uM, thereby solving the problem of refining the identification, definition, origin and genetic type of stones. With the help of a digital camera can be focused on the internal and external features of gems and implement their photo documentation.

RaPort perfectly acquires mineral spectrum with high quality guarantying high level protec on of gemstones. Jewels’ spectra are measured directly
in any type of jewelry set. RaPort is the only portable Raman spectrometer that analyzes sapphires, rubies and emeralds due to the unique technology of red luminescence removal or subtrac on.

Raman spectroscopy successfully solves a number of problems in geology and the study of gems:

  • Non-invasive identification of geological materials
  • The study of minerals and their origin
  • Identification and verification of precious / semi-precious stones and minerals
  • The study of impurities in the stones
  • Determination isomorphs and subspecies
  • Determination of natural and synthetic gems

Features of the device for gemology:

  • Special Shutter CCD line, to protect the signal from the luminescence
  • A high resolution
  • The ability to measure both the Stokes and the anti-Stokes region

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Сomparison with other brands in Jornal of Raman Spectroscopy

PDF: EnSpectr Solutions for Mineralogy & Gemology

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