Explosives detector

According to the research of the Institute for Economics and Peace in collaboration with University of Maryland, during last 10 years only 31 countries (from 158 being examined) didn’t experience terrorism. The US department of States reports about 10 000 terroristic attacks and over 12.5 thousand people killed in 2011. That is why rapid and precise identification of explosives is being one of the main tasks for homeland defense and law enforcement, and became accessible with introduction of portable Raman systems highly applicable for this task.

EnSpectr Raman Explosives Detector (handheld spectrometer Raport) is developed to help in detection of explosives or its compounds before it is too late.

pdf_8403EnSpectr for Bottled Liquids Analysis

Narcotics/drugs identification


In the world where about 200 mln people are being drug addicts and the narcotic traffic keeps increasing, law enforcement has to search for new and reliable tools of counteraction against narcotics distribution. Every year a new type of drug is being developed: in recent years the range of wide-spread narcotics like methamphetamines, heroin and cocaine, has been supplemented with new MDMA (ecstasy) and designed drugs (synthetic cathinones).

EnSpectr Portable Raman Narcotics Detectors were developed to help in narcotics detection or its compounds on the streets.

Instant ecstasy-mdma300x200in-field analysis

Enhanced Spectrometry solutions are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies and contribute to the control of narcotics distribution. Portable Raman handheld spectrometer Raport enables quick and precise identification of all major groups of drugs (except herbals) securing instant result and immediate reaction. The embedded spectral library of RaPort contains dozens of narcotics including methamphetamines, synthetic cathinones, other narcotics and their precursors. RaPort within a few seconds scans narcotic substances in form of liquids, powders, gels, tablets and capsules and instantly identifies its content without destroying the package and avoiding direct contact. Due to RaPort superb sensitivity the laser power of 12mW is perfectly sufficient to rapidly acquire a high quality spectrum from 1 piece of substance. Up to 6 hours of autonomous operation make the instrument highly recommended for  in-field analysis.

Hidden narcotics: Analysis of residuesdrugs300x200

EnSpectr software supports a unique function of the Search match mode: continuously measuring substance, the instrument will react on a specific indicated drug. RaPort identifies pieces of substance at a concentration as low as 1%. Raman Microscope RamMics enables even more accurate identification of component concentration – below 1% – with a MixSplitter technology. The MixSplitter complex analyzes each mixture grain and numerically characterizes the presence of each component in the mixture.


Raman spectrometer narcotics detector



In-Deep Analysis of any powder under suspicion

MixSplitter is a very useful instrument for Explosives or Narcotics identification.  Explosives and Narcotics detector – MixSpliter® -analyses each grain of the mixture separately which improves the sensitivity in detection of residual contaminant and ensures more accurate components amount estimation.

MixSplitter is equipped with a 2-axis scanning stage  for sample scanning in a direction perpendicular to microscope objective’s optical axis.

Professional software ensures real-time spectra measurements in automatic mode synchronized with step-by-step sample scanning, unknown substance identification and output of data statistics analysis.