Rapid, Non-destructive Raw Material Identification for the Pharmaceutical Industry


PharmaID_Powder_Pills_dreamstime_700pxPharmaceutical companies worldwide lose billions of dollars in revenue due to counterfeit drugs. Consumer drugs are a common target for criminal organizations who typically sell these substitute products over the internet. There is a growing need for widespread analysis of intercepted drug shipments to test for counterfeit products. Raman spectroscopy has proven to be an effective approach for verifying and identifying counterfeit drugs. With Raport, R532++ and Mixsplitter pharmaceutical manufacturers can now obtain fast, accurate material identity verification with ease and convenience. These cost-effective solutions allow users to quickly develop methods, enabling immediate release of raw materials into production and output products control. 21 CFR Part 11-compliant.


RaPort - a handheld 532nm laser Raman analyzer from EnSpectrRaPort for Advanced Raman Analysis

  • The only Raman-luminescent spectrometer on the market
  • 21 CFR 11 and GMP EU compatibility
  • IQ/OQ/PQ
  • from 3 s per measurement
  • Quantitative analysis of active substances in concentrations down to 1% 
  •  6-8 hours of autonomous operation
  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces (built-in) and Wi-Fi (via tablet)
  • Accessories for measurements of liquid and solids samples through glass and plastic packages are included
  • Optional removeable tablet computer on-board
  •  Software both for Windows and Android OS included
  • Exchangeable accumulator

Learn more in the RaPort handheld raman spectrometer app note.

Ampoule medication express analysis

From now: Ampoule medications anti-counterfeiting requiring neither much time nor highly-qualified personnel is possible with the little help of our new solution – Powerful and Smart EnSpectr R532 EsMix.

The sensitivity and reproducibility of the EnSpectr R532 EsMix tool is close to those achieved by chromatographic analysis requiring package opening, preparation of samples by qualified personnel and being essentially time and cost consuming.

Therefore, it is now possible to realize Raman techniques using a set of R532 EsMix devices, one of which used for preparing calibration solutions and creating mathematical models for spectral analysis of ampoule medications. The small size of EnSpectr portable devices and kitting enables to set up mobile laboratories for analysis pharmaceuticals in healthcare centers and pharmacies in most remote regions.

Learn more in R532 EsMix application note.