MedGen3The MedGen PRO endometrium scanner is a revolutionary device for making quick, informative and accurate measurements of the endometrial state.

The endometrial status is a key indicator of female fertility. According to statistics, around 20% of couples wishing to conceive are faced with certain obstacles that inhibit a successful pregnancy. A thorough assessment by MedGen PRO can determine the cause of infertility. Therefore, MedGen is an ideal choice for reproductive medicine centers and IVF (in vitro fertilization) clinics.

Endometrial cancer prevalence occupies a central role in modern female medicine. Unfortunately, early signs of cancer (inflammation and hyperplasia) are usually indistinguishable by routine visual inspection. Advanced MedGen PRO diagnostic technology reveals spectral signs of precancerous tissue metabolism. This method significantly improves cancer predictivity and treatment.

Application results

  • the accuracy of endothermic diagnostics increased by 60%
  • Increase fertility by 80%
  • The number of successful IVF protocols increased by 1.4 times

A medical spectrometer with a 637nm excitation source is intended for non-invasive express diagnostics of the state of tissues of the reproductive system of women – endometrium, cervix, ovaries, vagina and vulva. MedGen PRO helps to target women’s health needs based on predictive, preventive and personalized approach. MedGen ease of use, speed and precision have made it an essential product for an advanced endometrium diagnostic. The kit includes 100 replacement attachments.

Fertility tracker

  • Endometrial oxygenation level
  • Proliferative activity of endometrium
  • State of microcirculation of endometrial tissue
  • IVF process. Assessing readiness for implantation
  • Endometrial receptivity

Endometrial pathologies and diseases occupy a central role in modern female medicine. Moreover, the enormous growth of endometriosis and endometrial cancer prevalence makes it “The silent epidemic of the 21st century”. Unfortunately, most of the existing endometrial diagnostic techniques rely either on unsubstantial visual inspection or on painful biopsy with subsequent multiple tests, which can take days. Up to now, there has been no quick way to quantitatively assess the state of the endometrium. MedGen is the first device ever capable of performing express endometrial diagnostics.

Endometrial diagnosis

  • Early diagnosis of inflammation and hyperplasia
  • Early diagnosis of cancer signs (polyps, atypia)
  • Morphological uniformity
  • Functional state of endometrium
  • Methabolism level

MedGen registers and analyzes reflection and photoluminescence spectra of tissue in the female reproductive system. The device performs express diagnostics of endometrial inflammation and hyperplasia as well as precancerous and oncological diseases of the female reproductive system. The procedure includes the insertion of a tiny optical fiber through the cervix into the uterus area. Each measurement cycle starts with a control test done on the thigh surface. The control test is followed by three sample spectra from fundus, internal and middle parts of the uterus. The collected data provide exhaustive information on the following.

Endometrial inflammation and hyperplasia are precursors of endometrial cancer. In order to perform early diagnostics of cancer MedGen monitors the shape of the optical spectra. The photoluminescence spectrum of carcinogenic tissue drastically differs from that of the normal endometrium. Thus, the shape of the measured spectrum undergoes a substantial change, which is tracked by MedGen.


Spectral range 400 – 1100 нм
Typical spectral resolution  < 5 nm
Maximum laser power  50 mW
Number of fibers 3
Basic wavelength 637 nm
General characteristics
Overall dimensions 70x300x160 mm
Weight 1,7 kg (3.7 lb)
Power consumption 15 W
Interface 1 × USB 2.0